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Download Signal for PC – See How To Connect Here

Signal has been trending more these days as the messenger app excels on a comparative level with other popular ones. Just like WhatsAppTelegram, and Facebook, Signal can also be used on a desktop computer while retaining your account information on your smartphone.

The app offers an excellent end-to-end encryption method for users’ messages with more features that you’d expect from a noteworthy messaging service. There is hardly any difference between the features on the mobile app and that of the desktop software. Using Signal on your PC can be easily accomplished, but you must have the app initially installed in your iOS or Android device.

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Signal Mobile – Image source GOOGLE.



  • Download the Signal software (available for Linux, Mac, and Windows) and install it on your computer.
    • Upon launching it, you’ll first see a QR code on the screen. This is where you now open your smartphone to connect.
    • For Android, launch Signal app and tap on the three-dotted icon at the top-right edge. Enter Settings >> Linked Devices, and choose the “plus” button. For iOS, tap on your profile picture at the top-left edge then enter Settings >> Linked Devices >> Link New Device
    • In both cases, afterwards, Signal shall request permission to use your device’s camera in scanning the QR code on the desktop app – grant permission.
    • Signal would then try to confirm if you want to link your device, so select Link Device.
    • Once linked, the desktop software will request a preferred name for your computer. Input any name and click on “Finish Linking Phone”.
    • Allow for a while to sync your contacts and viola! You’re in.

Congratulations you are connected!

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