• Active Glo Sim card without data or with very small data, just to turn on your internet connection.
  • Latest Version of the stark VPN reloaded. The link to download the stark VPN reloaded will be provided in the later part of this guide.
  • A good and moderately strong internet connection.
  • Few minutes to read and follow the instructions to be provided in this guide.

Having gone through the requirements for the Stark VPN Glo unlimited, below are the detailed step by step instructions on how to get the data cheat activated.

How To Activate Stark VPN Reloaded Settings For Glo Unlimited

1. Simply click here to download and install the latest version of Stark VPN reloaded.

2. Open the app after installation and Locate the two rectangular boxes at the top of the app homepage.

How To Activate Stark VPN Reloaded Settings For Glo Unlimited

How To Activate Stark VPN Reloaded Settings For Glo Unlimited

3. Click on the direct or none button and you will be redirected to an option menu, scroll down the menu and click on NG Glo unlimited as shown in the picture above.

4. Upon clicking on the NG Glo unlimited  option, you will be redirected back to the app home page, click on the big red button on the app homepage and wait for the app to connect. It can take few seconds to connect, Wait for it and when it finally connect, the red button will change to green.

5. After which the app has shown connected, minimize the app and start enjoying the the Stark Glo unlimited.. minimize not close the app so it won’t disconnect.

6. If you want to learn how connect and use this tweak on Iphones and Laptops or PC, follow this article How To Share Your VPN Free Browsing Connection to IPhone, Android & PC via Hotspot

Things You Should Take Note About The Glo Data Cheat

1. The settings revealed above will give you access to Glo unlimited free browsing on stark VPN, no data cap.

2. The app might take some moments before it will connect, depending on the internet connection on your area.

3. If you have data on your sim card before, the data will be consumed first, before the free browsing will start working.

4. The stark Glo unlimited can be used to access all app and websites.

5. The free data cheat above is strictly for Glo Nigeria users only.

Note that the above is all the requirements you need to setup  Glo unlimited free browsing with a detailed guide on how to set it up to enjoy free access to internet without any form of interruption, if you follow the instructions provided above, you shouldn’t have any issue in setting up the free browsing cheat.