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How to get a free .com .uk or domain extension for your website

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How to get a free .com .uk or domain extension for your website

Note: incase the promo code I shared stops working or expired you can get either the dot .UK or dot domain extension for free for the first year without promo code!

It is important to note the importance of a top level domain for your online presence, not only does it show Professionalism and maturity, a top level domain for your blog/website also helps in your website ranking as well as online visibility.

Why is dot com domain important and much more valuable?

The .com domain extension is by far the most used and valuable domain suffix/TLD. Put bluntly, Google is biased towards websites with a .com TLD. … org, .com has become the default domain extension, and therefore the most memorable. This, in essence, is why .com is the best domain extension for SEO. Top TLDs like .net, .org .com .mobi might have originated from a particular country but you should know that they are not country specific and thus by far one of the best TLDs out there, but the dot com domain is much more valuable and respected, but if you happen to own an organization and maybe you are into internet providing or network management and marketing you should then look into dot org and dot be domains.

What you need to get a free dot .com domain.

  1. A working BIN or an ATM card thst is international transaction activated (many Nigeria banks which provides Visa card does support international transaction via the via card, but in this tutorial we shall be using a fake BIN generated online for use!
  2. The domain name you want to use, make sure it’s available for purchase.
  3. Coupon code for the purchase (very important yet limited for sometime)
  4. A working mail account
  5. An internet connection, and you are good to go.

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What is a BIN?

The full meaning of BIN is  Bank Identification Number, just as the digits at the back of your  ATM card is your personal bank identification number, BIN is also an identification but the difference is that it is generated online for use on websites that require you to set your BIN and you don’t want to use your bank, you can use the online self generated/fake BIN if it’s active. While we proceed I’ll explain how to generate a bin for use – many spammers are familiar with spamming BINs already so this process would be easier for them.

So how How do you get these CC using BINs?

Bin/cc generator

Sample of a valid Bin/cc generator using namso-generator

-You can get CC card details using a CC generator site via this link

-Now in the first box, as showed in the above screenshot write any six digits number and leave the rest empty.

-For month and year, leave it at random

-For CVV leave it blank as well

-For quantity you can use 19 and above but shouldn’t exceed 9999

-The format should be in pipe format

-Now click on generate and copy the resume

-Now you can use them anywhere but not yet because you have to make sure those CC/BINs are live for use because majority of them are dead and not active, now how do you check if a CC/BIN is live?.

How to use that gen CC Details?

You will get the CC Details like the below in the result box which you have copied already: 4060687662287260|02|2023|743

/!\ So the starting 10 digits of these details (4060687662287260) is your card number.
/!\ The second and the third digits are your (|02|2023|) expiry dates of your card.
/!\ The Last three digits of these details (743) is your CVV/VCC2/etc.


To check your BINs/CC for valid ones you can use, visit mrchecker via this link

How to use it?

-Simply Get your CC details and put all the generated CC in the checker box in the site.
-Now click Start and checker will start checking your CC details that they are working or not.
-Now scroll down and see the live section (in the live box you can find your working CC that you can use it where the bin is needed – which is during Payment/checkouts on websites).

The below screenshots explains how to check BINS/CCs.

1. When you visit mrchecker, paste the bins you copied in the box provided and click start, then scroll down to the live section and wait for the results to display.

CC checker

CC/BINs checker using

2. The bins which are valid will show in the live section (copy them and save on your notepad or smartphone notebook or sms because you will be needing it as per your need.

Live bins/cc

Live BINs/CCs from

3. The live BINs is what you need only, but for educational purposes the next screenshot explains the last two boxes which are dead and invalid BINs.

Dead and unknown BINS

Dead and unknown BINS from mrchecker

The dead and unknown BINs are either invalid, expired or deleted for use therefore they are not useful.

How to get a free dot .com domain

With this tutorial I’ll teach you how to get either a dot .com domain for free or dot or even dot .UK domain for free, just make sure to follow the below steps carefully and you will be on your way to owning a too level domain for your website or blog.

Now follow below steps!

  1. Click on and first of all

    How to get a free .com, and .UK domain for free

    How to get a free .com, and .UK domain for free

  2. Go to the homepage after your registration and search for the dot .com domain name you want to buy/get for free.
  3. Now let assume the domain is available and ready for purchase (it might show price which is less than £2, don’t worry – just add it to cart), on the next available page untick the email and the other domains automatically added for you. Note that you can only get one free domain per account after which you can come back and get another one for free with the same promo code I’ll be providing for you, don’t select the free . UK, or the .com as it will be automatically selected for you, unselect two and tick just one, untick the emails too as shown in the below screenshots as well and then proceed to checkout.
    Untick the emails and other domains as showed in the screenshot and order just one at a time

    Untick the emails and other domains as showed in the screenshot and order just one at a time.


  4. On the next screen, disable the proxy service by unselecting it below your domain, then click on proceed to basket.
  5. On the next page which is the checkout page, use the promo CODE: VPGMHULBin the voucher code box and click on proceed to the next page where you will be required to add your card details
  6. Add your BIN/CC you generated at the begining of this article and then use it to checkout – Note that your BIN has a 50/50 chance of working so use it at your own risk and convenience but incase you have ATM that that allows for international use kindly add it to your account for easy renewal of the domain.

Congratulations you have just purchased your dot .com domain for free! Hope you enjoyed the process? I know it’s tedious but kindly take out few seconds to comment a vote of thanks in the comment section to enable me drop more tutorials here,don’t forget to share this article with your friends…. Very important! Please don’t copy this article without proper credit, Thanks.


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